3 reasons to quit drinking coffee

I know you’re probably thinking “what type of bullshit post is this? I’m never going to quit drinking coffee!”

Fair… I used to feel that way also. But I have since given it a shot and had a large improvement to my hormonal health, so hear me out!!

Coffee is a stimulant and I didn’t realize how sensitive I was to stimulants until I stopped drinking it. Previously I was a 1-2-3 cup a day girl and there was no way in hell anyone was going to convince me to quit. I started to notice that it was giving me acid reflux and a bad afternoon crash, making me reliant on another cup of coffee, which didn’t sit right with me, so I quit. Now if I have a fully caffeinated cup of coffee, it feels more like a meth-a-ccino and I get the shakes!

Three reasons to quit drinking coffee for your hormonal health:
(especially if you’re super reliant on it!)

  1. Coffee can cause insulin resistance
    This is when your body’s cells temporarily become resistant to insulin, the substance our pancreas produces in response to us injesting sugar/carbs. Insulin brings the sugar you eat from your blood stream into your cells to use for energy. With insulin resistance, sugar stays in your bloodstream, your cells are starving for sugar and energy so you crave carbs, sugar gets stored as fat, and the cycle repeats itself, leaving you with very uneven levels of energy throughout the day. Insluin resistance is highly associated with PCOS, a serious hormonal disorder that can result in weird hair growth and acne, weight gain, irregular menstruation, and infertility to name a few symptoms.
  2. Coffee can cause adrenal fatigue
    Caffeine can cause a spike in adrenaline and cortisol (which is why its also termed the “life blood” for us workin’ stiffs), which then eventually crashes and leaves you feeling depleted and foggy. Having constant spikes of adrenaline and cortisol can negatively impact your sleep and throw your reproductive hormones off balance.
  3. It worsens estrogen dominance (hormonal imbalance)
    Coffee consumption increases cortisol (“the stress hormone”). The body pulls what it needs to make cortisol out of the same bank that it uses to make progesterone.  Regular coffee intake = regular spikes in cortisol, which in turn decreases your progesterone levels. Now your estrogen and progesterone aren’t properly balanced, AND you’ve got too much cortisol = hormonal hot mess, period pain, heavy periods, etc.
Earl Grey tea latte made with coconut butter, vanilla & honey! 

I’ve since switched to tea which does have caffeine in it, but not as much and it does not seem to have the same stimulating effect on me. I’ve been enjoying homemade matcha lattes, earl grey tea lattes, and mushroom tea mix lattes made in my 100 year old blender. I also have a bag whole bean decaf that isn’t sprayed with a ton of chemicals for when I’m really craving the actual taste of coffee!

Have you attempted to quit drinking coffee to increase your energy, decrease your acne, improve your periods or for any other reason? Comment below, I’d love to hear your experience!


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