Victoria Period Project!

I have recently had the opportunity to begin working with the Victoria Period Project (VPP), which is a non-profit organization that provides menstrual products to youth in our city who are living with little income/support. Folks in need of supplies can sign up through community centres and request what it is they need for their month’s supply: 12 tampons, 10 pads, 5 liners, etc. Once a month, a group of volunteers get together to package each person’s supplies and then the youth can pick it up from the community centre they drop in at.


When I originally came across this project I was overjoyed that there were other groups out there who were also trying to normalize “period talk”. My next thought was how stressful it is to be caught sans supplies in public when your period decides to arrive. Especially if you’re in light coloured clothing! Can you image having to worry about being without your necessary supplies every month?

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VPP is committed to improving access to menstrual products for individuals in our community, so that these instances occurs less often. They also pride themselves in helping to reduce stigma about periods, and promoting healthy conversations about them, so they become less taboo. They hope that by doing this that it will also decrease the stigma for menstruating individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, who tend to experience even heavier stigma than cis-gender folks.

As everyone would know by now, this topic is my passion so I’m so excited to be doing some work with VPP to help support this initiative. Last night I got the opportunity to work with a group of like-minded individuals after hours at the Victoria Youth Clinic where we put together Novembers packages. We also had a little help from one of the staff members doggo “Duanna” (but mostly she just snuggled us, which is fine by me). I’m happy to continue working with VPP to help promote its purpose and increase its reach to the members of our community. The products used for VPP are 100% purchased with donations, and currently the program is at capacity. Unfortunately it has used up all of its budget. There has been talk of doing some fundraising events around the city, so when we have details on that I will share the them. In the meantime, if you think VPP is something you would like to support please see their website on ways to help.


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