How is all that Christmas spending affecting your mental health?

For the past few years, my family and I have stopped purchasing Christmas gifts for one another. I came to a point in my adult life where I started to feel quite ridiculous having to rack my brain to come up with a list of items for other people to buy me. The thing is, I don’t NEED any gifts. Anything that I truly need, I seem to buy for myself, and so do those around me. So why do we make ourselves broke every year, buying each other things just for the sake of… buying things?

I’m all for some Christmas cheer – family time, gorging myself on turkey, and making Christmas special for the little ones in our lives. But if you’re an adult in my world this year, don’t expect any gifts. I’m just not participating in this consumerism rat race that puts our country more in debt every year and leaves us at our most depressed and broke come January.


This year, instead of buying my boyfriend some sweaters hes never going to wear, I’m devoting a chunk of my income to people who are actually in NEED. And to my splendor, there are many causes out there that align with my passions! There is an organization in my city called Bridges for Women Society, that helps women who have been impacted by violence or abuse to gain employment and get back on their feet financially. They are currently accepting donations of used iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks for the women in their programs. My partner Simon has donated his old iPhone 5s, which still works great except the screen is smashed and will cost $80 to fix. If you can, for-go your Starbucks PSL this morning and donate it to a women who needs a smartphone to become and stay employed.

Additionally, I encourage your to reconsider the connection between your mental health and what you’re materialistically consuming. This world is finely designed to be constantly advertising things to you – on the radio, on the TV, all over social media, billboards, the list goes on. Are the things you’re spending your money on serving you? Do you feel anxiety when you think about all the money you’re going to have to spend on everyone, let alone what to actually BUY these folks? I encourage you to think about what is essential at Christmas time and reconsider if gifts for the already privileged people in your life is a priority, or if giving to those in need, where ever YOU see the need, is maybe a better choice for your mental health.

If you want to donate to this cause please check out my gofundme account. $80 is not that much for us to raise collectively!

>> Click here if you want more information on this cause or if you have used apple electronics that you would like to donate! There is a criteria list as to which are acceptable so please see the list <<



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