Menstrual cups

A few years back I decided to switch to a menstrual cup from using tampons, and I’ll never look back.

There are many pro’s to using a menstrual cup, including the fact that tampons are horrible for the environment. Not only do they get flushed down the toilet and into the sewer systems, but they come packaged in a bunch of soon-to-be landfill waste as well. Especially if you’re a heavy bleeder, this results in a lot of waste over time!

Menstrual cups also save you money, and this was originally a motivating factor for me to make the switch back when I was a broke nursing student. I think mine cost me about $30 – 5 years ago. Before that I was probably spending $60 a year on tampons, so this was a no-brainer for me!

But among the environmental and economic pro’s to using a menstrual cup, I wanted less chemicals in my body. Your vagina is a very absorbent organ with mucous membrane lining it. Lets just say if you put garlic in your vagina, you can taste it in your mouth. That’s how absorbent it is. (Don’t ask me how I know that). Most tampons are cheap cotton soaked in bleach and other chemicals that I definitely don’t want to be absorbing into my body. Not only chemicals, but I also don’t want to be re-absorbing the waste within my blood, back into my body. A tampon is literally a plug of your own blood that sits in your absorbent vagina for hours. This is why they recommend that you only leave your tampon in for a maximum of 8 hours due to the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. In addition to this, tampons can also cause vaginal dryness which is no good when you’re trying to make boom boom ;).

For me, I don’t use tampons because I want to tell my body “go ahead, shed, remove and release” the old stuff, both physically and emotionally. I realize that tampons are the most convenient way to collect and dispose of your blood, but I also think that in order to decrease the taboo of periods we need to allot a bit of time and space to tend to our periods, and to allow this hormonal event to to not only cleanse our bodies but our mind too, instead of plugging up the energy to lie stagnant within us.



Do I sound like a crazy hippy lady? Have you made the switch from tampons to the cup? How has it worked for you?
Comment below!


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