Why I’ve switched to cloth pads

While I do use a menstrual cup during the day, I prefer to use a pad at night and on light days because often my pelvic area is really achy and it feels better to not have anything up there. I have recently made the switch to cloth pads after some skepticism but I won’t be turning back!


Reasons why I’m now on the cloth pad train:

  • They feel SOFT on your lady bits. You don’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper, it just feels like you’re wearing your regular cotton underwear.
  • Because of the plastic (not the blood; surprise: blood doesn’t really smell like anything), disposable pads start to smell after a few hours. Cloth pads have literally NO odour.
  • The only chemicals in the cloth are the ones you wash your clothes in, which you have control over.
  • They absorb just as much blood as a disposable pad does. You need to change it just as often as you would a disposable one.
  • They come in various different sizes, just like disposable ones, to fit your body and flow.
  • I don’t have to constantly remember to close the bathroom door all the time while i’m on my period… (My dog is an animal and loves to eat dirty pads.. barf)
  • They’re a heck of a lot better for the environment.
  • Over time, they save money. One cloth pad is about $20, but if you think of how much money you spend yearly on pads, cloth pads are a no-brainer. I mean, people have been using cloth diapers on babies for decades for financial benefit so there’s no reason I can do the same for myself.

Tips for managing cloth pads:

One thing I noticed with them is that because they don’t have the adhesive that a disposable pad does, they can sometimes slide around on your underwear. This is where its important to choose the right size of cloth pad for your body and flow – it will help keep it in place. As for cleaning them, I usually don’t have to worry about changing them when i’m out and about because I use a menstrual cup during the day, but I keep a separate large container (used yogurt container – the big square one) and I keep my used folded ones (see clip below of how easy they are to store once they’re used) and period underwear in there. When I’m finished my period, I fill the container up with cold water to rinse them in the tub and then throw them in the washer with my darks. Thats. it. I hang my cloth pads and period underwear up to dry instead of using the dryer like I do with all of my favourite pieces because the dryer is the ruiner of all things nice!

Lunapads is my go-to brand for cloth pads here in Victoria BC because you can purchase them either online or at local stores like London Drugs. Lunapads are made in East Vancouver (my old hood!) in accordance to their sustainable and feminist values. They create these little gems with zero waste, low carbon production and they use sustainable materials like organic cotton. And get this! They donate a portion of their sales to feminist organizations such as Pads4Girls – This company checks all the boxes for me!

Have you tried cloth pads? What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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