Body Literacy GIVEAWAY

I love social media because as I like to describe it, if you’re using it properly its like going to a party where you know NOBODY but then by the end of the night, you’ve made tons of new friends – And they all have the same things in common as you! You can literally choose who you virtually congregate around and you can form friendships easily.

However, sometimes I really struggle with social media because of the marketing and influential aspect. Which I myself participate in. Ironic, I know.

What I’m talking about is the heavy influence that I see out there telling (specifically) women that they should do this and DON’T do that. They SHOULD eat a keto diet to heal their hormones. They SHOULD NOT eat animals because thats horrible. They NEED to try this amazing (but bloody expensive) antioxidant supplement. Please know that anything I ever talk about on my blog or on my Instagram page is, as explicitly explained in my “about me” page on this website, a sharing of information and of my experience, and never a one way fits all.


If you’ve been following me for sometime, you’ll get the sense that I feel strongly about hormonal birth control. When I write about it and share about it, my heart is to simply share information that I feel like women have missed. There is a huge lack of education around this subject that I feel passionate to rectify. That being said, and I’ve said it before – there are situations where a woman will choose to take hormonal birth control. Is this wrong? NO! As long as a woman is properly educated about a topic, I would hope that she is able to make a decision about her health that she feels good about, no matter what that decision is.

Before I became a nurse, things were a lot more black and white for me. I remember my FIRST EVER maternity patient was a mother who had been trying to conceive for seven years. They finally gave up trying and then whoopsie doopsie, she wound up pregnant. Before I met her I read through her history (as I do with all of my patients), and discovered that she was a smoker. My instant reaction was to want to march in the room and tell her “don’t you know how bad it is to smoke in your pregnancy?!?!”. I didn’t yet have the nurse-guts to tell my patients “what’s up” at that time, so I just went in and cared for her as if she were a regular human being. Let me tell you, the love in that hospital room was INSANE. She was the cutest little baby girl ever and the love that both of her parents had for her was palpable through just the energy in the room alone. This baby was not just the result of a Good Friday night, this was the result of seven years of emotional rollercoasters, and now finally, she was here and their hearts, as a family, were complete.

What I didn’t know as a young nurse but do know now is that the best way to encourage people to make positive health changes is to meet them where they’re at. Provide education, help them with what they need support with, and put your own judgements and personal opinions aside. If you do this, your influence will be great.

I did not agree with that woman smoking in her pregnancy and I would never condone any woman to smoke in her pregnancy, but what I didn’t know was the other awful things that were occurring in her life at the time, which made her feel like she couldn’t give up that coping mechanism just yet. And I learned about these sensitive subjects because when I treated her like a human being, she opened up to me and she trusted me. I can guarantee that had I of marched into the room and told her that she NEEDED to do this or NOT do that, it would not have brought her any closer to quitting. I provided her with information on the effects of smoking around a baby, ways to quit and resources to help her quit when she felt she was ready. That time was going to need to be determined by nobody other than her.


My goal for my presence within the social media world is not to tell you that you should or shouldn’t do anything. In fact, my goal is to provide education to help promote body literacy. Body literacy is as it reads: being able to understand the language (signs and symptoms) your body gives you. And when it gives you signs, be able to interpret them to then in turn, give it what it’s asking for. Seek help when you think you need it. Eat differently when you’re feeling crappy. Try different tactics to help balance your hormones. Body literacy is something you learn over time, its not something that can be gained in one night from reading one persons blog, but I can guarantee it will leave you feeling empowered and better able to make decisions about your health.

As a way to celebrate body literacy, I am doing a giveaway on my instagram page to help YOU get in touch with your body. In true Kim fashion, it has to do with periods and hormones of course! I’ve been so lucky to have received my favourite book from the author herself, Lara Briden, for giveaway. “Period Repair Manual” is exactly as it reads, a manual that you can go to time and time again when you feel like your cycle is off. This book covers EVERYTHING, from how to support your body when coming off the pill, to how to deal with certain hormonal conditions such as PCOS, to how to deal with peri-menopause. This book has specific dietary and supplement recommendations by Lara Briden who is a naturopathic doctor that specializes in women hormones. Once you read this book you’re likely going to want to try a new supplement or at the very least, make some healthy meals for yourself to support proper hormone balance. So thats why I’m also including a $100 Whole Foods gift card so that after reading the book you can decide what it is YOUR body is needing at this time!


To enter, see my instagram page @kimschneids


3 thoughts on “Body Literacy GIVEAWAY

  1. Kim! This is amazing! You definitely have encouraged me to listen to my own body and do things that I know will help me feel better and more in control of my body! I feel like I’ve been ignoring my body’s signals for too long! Thanks girl!! – @candacevantil


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