Hi, I’m Kim! I currently reside on the very west coast of Canada and I’m passionate about sharing my experiences with other women to help them live their truest, healthiest, best lives.

I’ve been interested in women’s health, hormones, periods, and all things feminine ever since I escaped the dark, depressing cloud that many women know as “hormonal birth control” in my late teens. This inspired me to learn about my body, reproduction, how and what fertility even means and the importance of it even if conception is not even on your radar.

These passions have somewhat translated over to my professional career as a Registered Nurse, specializing in maternity and reproductive sexual health.

Our world has come so far with regards to talking about women’s health issues, hormonal chaos, periods, bleeding, and all other things that we have been taught were “gross”. Now days, periods have even been dubbed the fifth vital sign, as a major indicator of female mental and physical health. My intention is to create a space where we can have discussions and share experiences as a community of women who understand their bodies, because I strongly believe that women who actually understand their bodies, learn to love them just the way they are.


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